Freestyle Dancing Solihull

freestyle Dance ClassFreestyle is a popular form of dance in the UK today. It is danced to modern chart music that Solihull children recognise and combines all the up-to-date moves with more technical spins, kicks and leaps, plus complex foot and arm actions. Freestyle dance allows dancers to use freedom of expression to enhance their style.

Solihull pupils at Spotlight start off in Beginner Freestyle and progress through the freestyle dance exam system to professional performance and teaching examinations.

Spotlight pupils have experienced great success in freestyle. They have performed this style of dance at Disneyland Paris, in West End shows and professional corporate events around the country.

Pupils have also used their Solihull Freestyle training to work in TV and film, including the lead-role in hit-movie Streetdance 3D, on the X-Factor performing live with Little Mix, My Camp Rock II (Disney Channel), The Next Step (CBBC) and Got to Dance (ITV). They have appeared in music videos for popstars including Numero UNO and Insenso.

Solihull Pupils who enjoy the Freestyle lessons can take additional Hip Hop / Commercial Dance classes. Pupils from these classes have gone on to win 4 silver medals at the prestigious Dance World Cup (Romania and Jersey).

Government-recognised freestyle exams are offered with the International Dance Teacher’s Association (IDTA). The vast majority of pupils gain the top Honours / Distinction mark. The top mark received by a Spotlight pupil is 98% which has been awarded to over a dozen pupils. Pupils have been nominated for numerous freestyle scholarships due to gaining some of the top marks in the country for their examinations.

Pupils have won national titles in Freestyle Dance including the Anna Jones Award for the Most Promising Freestyle Dancer in the Country (won twice), the Under 16 National Freestyle Dancer of the Year and the Bill Tasker Award for the Best Student Teacher in the Country (Freestyle).

Tuition Classes for Freestyle Dancing Solihull