Gymnastics and Acrobatics Solihull

Gymnastics ClassesWe do a lot of Gymnastic and Acrobat work at Solihull Spotlight. Not only is gymnastic great for fun and fitness, the flexibility and strength gained for this discipline really helps dance performances. Gymnastic classes work on improving flexibility and balance as well as  Acrobat classes working on tricks, tumbles and duo/trio work. Pupils learn impressive acrobat lifts and poses which will wow family and friends!

Solihull gymnastic & acrobatics Spotlight pupils have a great track record of success in Gymnastics and Acrobatics. Since this subject was introduced to the Dance World Cup competition in 2016 Spotlight has won the gold medal and world title across all 3 age ranges (9 & Under, 13 & Under, 17 & Under) in both Groups AND Solos. Two of our Acrobatic groups were awarded the Most Outstanding Group in the World trophy in 2017 (Under 13 Years and Under 25 Years).

Our Solihull pupils’ acrobatic talents have been showcased at Disneyland Paris, in the West End and in high-profile venues around the country.

We are the proud owners of a top-of-the-range 12 metre air-track which helps to teach tumbling moves such as backflips, no-hand cartwheels and somersaults in a safe environment. This high-tech acrobatic equipment helps pupils to progress at a much quicker pace and gives them the confidence to try new things.

We do not work on Gymnastics involving apparatus such as the beam or the bars, as we develop Gymnastic and Acrobatic work that can be used on stage, so it is all floor-bound.

Tuition Classes for Gymnastics and Acrobatics Solihull